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As a trader,here are some points you should know before even thinking about trading Market is not your friend. Someone has to lose money on the other side for you to make it.Because of this very reason , everyone on the other side automatically becomes your enemy Market is manipulated by big players for liquidity,profit and other reasons . Market consists of big time players like central banks ,Big banks , Hedge funds , brokers , HFTs , algo traders , experienced traders , novice traders and the list goes on and on…. How market cheats the people —- Before anything, its very important that you know the market hierarchy,which will help you in knowing where and how you are being exploited On the top you have central banks Then you have major banks who are also market makers like citi,barclays,hsbc,U B S…. Then you have the retail brokers and the Hedge funds Then under the brokers there comes average traders And Now, I am going to explain how average traders are being systematically exploited by the bigger players. For one person to exploit other ,it’s really important that one has an edge over the other. So what’s the edge that the Brokers,hedge funds ,Banks and central banks have over you That’s the information about you,like The order size you have opened Whether you are a retail trader or any other type of trader Your limit Your stop loss Your pending orders And even your account size Your trading style(whether you are a long term,short term,leveraged trader and so on …) And you might think that these are the things only known to your broker and nobody else knows it. You are mistaken Your broker sells this live data for a tidy sum to hedge funds , high frequency traders ,market makers and they in turn systematically skim the money off your account even without your knowledge. So next time, don’t be surprised if you open an order and from there the market goes in the opposite direction and never comes back. You shouldn’t be surprised if your limit orders never hits and stop loss orders always hits Also you shouldn’t be surprised if the market makes a move so as to wipe out your account and then comes back to the same place where it was And the list goes on and on and on….. You can never win over an enemy if he knows your next move So how to turn the odds in your favour and you really start making some money Its simple….. The first and foremost thing is to never reveal your data to this vultures. The moment you start doing this ,you cut off the edge that they have over you.They are now confused about you .they never know what your next move can be So how to do that???? You can do it by automating your trading strategies Employing your robots to execute trades So only your robot knows your plan and even your broker is unaware of this. And the Good news is that that if you know your enemy ,then then you can beat the market.

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